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Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang and China Jiaxing municipal government jointly hold the 3rd "Red Boat Cup" Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Contest. The contest is open globally to all high-level talents with innovative ideas. Winners are awarded generous prizes & bonuses. Prior to that, winners of the Entrepreneurship projects will be provided with a start-up funding under the ‘Elite Leaders Scheme’ when setting an entity in Jiaxing of China.

创业项目类 (Start-up Project)

1 个特等奖:奖励 30 万元 + 500-1000 万元创业经费

3 个一等奖:奖励 10 万元 + 500 万元创业经费

6 个二等奖:奖励   5 万元 + 300 万元创业经费

20 个三等奖:奖励 3 万元 + 200 万元创业经费

1x Outstanding Prize: RMB 300,000 + RMB 5-10 million supporting fund

3x First Prizes: RMB 100,000 + RMB 5 million supporting fund

6x Second Prizes: RMB 50,000 + RMB 3 million supporting fund

20x Third Prizes: RMB 30,000 + RMB 2 million supporting fund

创新人才类 (Innovation Talent)

1 个一等奖:奖励 10 万元 + 每年 100 万元

2 个二等奖:奖励   5 万元 + 每年   60 万元

6 个三等奖:奖励   3 万元 + 每年   40 万元

1x First Prize: RMB 100,000 + up to RMB 1 million subsidy annually 

2x Second Prizes: RMB 50,000 + RMB 600,000 subsidy annually 

6x Third Prizes: RMB 30,000 + RMB 400,000 subsidy annually 


(Europe Division (excluding U.K.) Contest Prizes (Berlin, Germany))

创业类1 个一等奖(2 万元人民币),3 个二等奖(1 万元人民币),6 个三等奖(5000 元人名币);

Start-up Project:

1x First Price: RMB 20,000

3x Second Prizes: RMB 10,000

6x Third Prices: RMB 5,000

创新类一二三等奖各 1 名,奖金同上。

Innovation Talent:

1x First Prize: RMB 20,000

1x Second Prize: RMB 10,000

1x Third Prize: RMB   5,000

集结清华长三角研究院的强大科研平台力量和嘉兴在长三角经济区的区位优势,比赛为有意在中国有效发展成长的创业企业和创新人才提供了良机。清华长三角研究院总部位于浙江嘉兴,地处长三角腹地,区位优越,经济发达,人文昌盛。嘉兴东临上海 (80km),北通苏州,西接杭州 (80km),半小时高铁可达。

Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University holds a renowned & sound research platform. Combining with Jiaxing's geographical advantages in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, this competition provides good opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups & innovative talents, who are interested in developing & growing a new innovative venture in Jiaxing, China.


The headquarters of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University locates in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, on Yangtze River Delta hinterland. The geographical location has a competitive edge, offering a developed economy & big talent pool.  


Jiaxing enjoys developed an economic environment with a logistic convenience. It locates east of Shanghai (80km), north of Suzhou, west of Hangzhou (80km). It is connected by a 30 minutes high-speed rail to all the above cities. 


Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University and Jiaxing government will be acting as a connecting platform. It jointly helps Award-winning enterprises and talents to connect with many reputable & well-known enterprises, investment institutions, and R & D platforms. They effectively & efficiently provide long-term guidance and support, in order to achieve healthy growth & development after the contest.

蓬勃发展的嘉兴 (Growing and prospering Jiaxing)

参赛行业领域 (Target Industries)





Digital economy: Information Industry, artificial intelligence, internet, Internet of Things IoT, big data, etc.

Advanced manufacturing and robotics

New energy and materials (including flexible electronics, quantum communication, additive manufacturing, etc.)

Biomedical (big health) and modern agriculture

参赛要求 (Participant Requirements)


1. 在本届大赛截止报名前,尚未在嘉兴注册成立企业的、拥有科技创新成果和创业计划的创业团队;

2. 初创团队中至少有一人取得硕士及以上学历学位、或曾在国际知名企业机构中担任过中高层管理职务;

3. 项目的产品、技术及相关专利属于参赛团队,与其它任何企业无产权纠纷;

4. 具有高成长性和创新能力的科技型创业企业或项目。

Start-up Project:

1. The entrepreneurial team, which possess scientific and technological innovation achievements, shall not have registered an enterprise in Jiaxing yet before the contest;

2. One of the entrepreneurial team members should possess at least a Master degree (or above) or previously held a senior management position in a well-known international business organization;

3. The team should own the ownership/IP of the contested products & technology, with no conflict of interests with any other enterprises’ technology or products;

4. The team should have the capability and capacity in science and technology, to drive high growth and innovation.


1.在海外取得自然科学、工程领域博士学位,或具有 3 年以上海外博士后研究经历;或在海外知名高校、科研机构担任副教授及以上或相当职务;或在国际知名企业、经济组织担任中高级技术职务;


3. 不超过 55 周岁。

Innovation Talent:

1. Candidates shall have obtained a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in natural science or engineering outside China, or have possessed more than 3 years of overseas post-doctoral research experience, or hold positions in renowned universities and research institutes as Associate Professors/equivalent or above; or hold senior technology position in international well known enterprises & economic organizations;

2. Incumbents shall have an interest in developing a periodical or long-term career in Jiaxing, China;

3. No exceeding 55 years of age.



(The specific time of contest shall be announced in the official website.)

Participants for the Europe Division Finale and Grand Finale will be provided with transportation & accommodation allowance.

报名方式 Contact Us and Registration



或 info@exlentec.com

咨询电话:+49 177 163  9656  赵女士 

+49 176 7321  9606 李女士




协办单位:对话德国中德创业者联盟;留德中国物理学者学会; 德国华人半导体协会;法国学联;德中工业4.0协会;敲门人协会;德中人才技术交流协会;荷兰华人工程师协会

Applicants can obtain a registration form from the following:

Email: qian.zhao@tsinghuadelta.com; 

or info@exlentec.com

Telephone: Ms. Zhao, +49 177 163 9656

or  Ms. Li, +49 176 7321 9606 

Main Organiser:

Yangtze  Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang (China)

Guiding Organiser:

Government of Jiaxing, Republic of China

Europe Division (excluding U.K.) Organizer:

Munich Center, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang

Collaboration Partners:


Sino-German Entrepreneur Alliance


Semi-SACE e.V.

DCVI 4.0 e.V.




ExlenTec Consulting



研究院目前拥有七大院区,包括:嘉兴总部院区、杭州分院、宁波分院、萧山生物工程中心、台州创新中心、柔性电子技术研究院、未来技术研究院等。设有生物技术与医药研究所、生态环境研究所、先进制造技术研究所、信息技术研究所、现代农业工程技术研究所、分析测试中心、国家食品安全风险评估中心应用技术合作中心等研究机构,充分发挥创新载体作用,实现重大科技成果突破,拥有自主投资平台,并整合政府、高校、研发机构、企业、与资本等多方面资源共同推动创新成果产业化。已引进超过 600 家高科技企业,带动投资超过 100 亿元人名币。

目前,在美国、英国、德国、日本、澳大利亚、芬兰、加拿大设有 8 个海外中心及离岸孵化器。



地址:Baierbrunner Str. 39, 81379 Munich, Germany

Introduction to Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang

Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang is a research and innovation platform, jointly founded and developed by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province and Tsinghua University in 2003. The institute is pro-actively involved in scientific and technological innovation and research services, personnel training and transformation of high-tech achievements, to meet the economic development needs of the Yangtze River Delta region.


The research institute currently has a presence in seven major areas, including Jiaxing headquarters, Hangzhou branch, Ningbo branch, Xiaoshan Biological Engineering Center, Taizhou Innovation Center, Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology, Future Technology Research Institute. Prior to that, there are Institute of Biotechnology and Medicine, Institute of Ecological Environment, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Information Technology Research Institute, Institute of Modern Agricultural Engineering Technology, Analysis and Testing Center, National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, Application Technology Cooperation Center, and other research institutions.


The institute plays a crucial role as an innovation carrier to achieve major scientific and technological breakthroughs. It possesses an independent investment platform and has successfully brought in more than 600 high-tech enterprises with a total investment of more than 10 billion RMB.


Presently, there are eight overseas centers & offshore incubators located across the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia, Finland & Canada. 


Munich Center

As the key organization of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University in Germany, its Munich Center is responsible for developing, strengthening, collaborating technical exchanges and cooperation between the institutes and the counterparts in Germany and across Europe. With an aim in helping the offshore incubation of overseas technology and entrepreneurship projects, Munich Center builds & develops platform and channel for projects/ talents to gain a better understanding of the Yangtze River Delta region.

Address:Baierbrunner Str. 39, 81379 Munich, Germany

对话德国 与德国对话,分享中德精英的行业见解与人生经验。旨在促进中德深度合作,并通过榜样的力量带动更多人共同成长。这里有行业专家、企业高管、高校教授、创业领袖。让我们站在巨人的肩膀上,砥砺前行。

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